Welcome to My Photography Page!

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High School Folkstyle Wrestling: 
- IHSA Individual State Wrestling Championships (2018, 2017, 2016)
- In-Season Tournaments
        - 2018 IHSA 3A Joliet Central Regional
        - Cheesehead (2018, 2017, 2016)
        - Ironman (2017)
        - Barrington (2017)
        - POWERade (2016, 2015)

Freestyle and Greco Roman Wrestling
- Fargo (2017, 2016)
- UWW Cadet/University World Team Trials (2017, 2016)

- Fargo (2017, 2016)
- USAW Cadet National Duals (2016)

Colt Wrestling
- Illinois Freestyle State (2017, 2016)
- UWW Cadet World Team Trials (2017, 2016)
- Central Regional (2017, 2016)


As the majority of the galleries on here demonstrate, my experience has primarily been in sports photography - specifically wrestling.  I've been fortunate enough to photograph the USAW Cadet/Junior National Championships twice, IHSA Individual State Wrestling Championships three times, IHSA Dual State Wrestling Championships three times, and countless other wrestling related events.  I was the retained as the "unofficial official team photographer" for one team in particular for 3 seasons.

I've also dabbled in music photography as well.  Admittedly, nowhere near as many events and shows as I would like.  Due to exclusivity contracts, those photos are not displayed here on my website, but I have a small selection available for show upon request.


Honestly?  Not a set rate.  Too many variables.  Length of shoot, type of shoot, rights to the photos,  credentials, travel expenses, etc.  . . . Those all play a part.  If you're interested and want to work together, send me an email with an initial offer and terms, and we can work from there.