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Welcome to My Photography Page!

- To the right, you'll find all of my photography folders.  Folders are often broken down further into subfolders for events/categories and eventually specific galleries for specific events.

- My photos are watermarked, and right-click protected.  Translation: If you want them, you'll have to pay.  I made all images priced quite reasonably, however.

- ILUSAW Folder contains 2016 Cadet National Duals and 2016 Fargo photos

- National Wrestling Tournaments Folder contains Fargo 2016 (Non-Illinois), 2016 UWW Cadet/University World Team Trials, 2016 Cheesehead Finals (majority, not all), and 2015 PowerAde Finals


-As my galleries suggest, my experience has been in sports photography; specifically wrestling.

- Retained by Lockport Township High School Wrestling to chronicle their entire season. 

- Retained by Illinois USA Wrestling to photograph the National Cadet Duals

- Given the opportunity to photograph USAW Cadet and Junior Nationals in Fargo, N.D.  Focus was on Illinois wrestlers, but was able to capture some shots of other high-level matches.


- I'm available and very interested in new opportunities!  Live events are already my favorite things to shoot.  I love the spontaneity and unpredictable nature of these.

- Particularly interested in further sports photography, as well as concert photography.

- Weddings: Not my thing... at least not right now.  Lots of people specialize in weddings, and it's "where the money is," but I will fully admit that weddings are beyond my comfort zone at the moment.  Your wedding is more important to you than your money is to me - I guarantee it.

- Rates: Contact me for a rate quote!  No two events or jobs are the same.  Treating them that way, even in price, is unfair to the both of us.  You may need a handful of photos, you may need a day's worth of events chronicled.  Obviously, those require huge differences in time commitment from me.  Therefore, pricing changes by the job.  But, it will always be reasonable.

On occasion, I'm not adverse to a "quid-pro-quo" situation.  These just need to be clarified in advance.