Licensing - Sealy Concepts



Terms are in the purchase information; essentially, if you buy it, it's yours to use for anything that doesn't create financial gain.


If you're interested in a commercial license, please contact me for actual rates.  There are listed rates here, and you could pay them, but odds are that if you contact me, you can get the image(s) for far less.

The prices that images are listed at are here so that people are aware that my photos are available for commercial usage, and if someone buys it without reading key things like this, that's good for me.

If you're wondering what the rates will be - I don't have a set rate.  To me, licensing fees depend on what the usage will be.  A school shouldn't pay the same amount of money for a Hall of Fame photo as a magazine or well-known website would use for national distribution.

That said, I'll still wager I'll be the most cost-effective option you'll come across!

*I would be willing, on occasion, to exchange licensing fees to some of my images from an event IF you provide me access to said event - notably concerts, festivals, and pro/semi-pro sporting events.