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April 2020:

Quarantine: great time to edit and upload photos . . .

Except when your subscription to editing software has expired and you don't have a spare $600 to re-up your annual subscription to Adobe.  Really miss when you could just buy a program once and be done with it.

Also not a great time for your MacBook to be on its deathbed.  I mean, it's a 2013 MBP, and I've pushed it for years now, but timing is just rough.

Some people have asked how to support my work, so I added donation and payment options above. Thank you!

Why aren't any photos available to be purchased anymore?   

Short Answer: I downgraded my "plan" for the website.

Longer Answer: I am not allowed to sell any photos from the IHSA State Series events.  So, I had two options on how the site handles buying/selling photos:
Plan 1:  Basically, it's all or nothing.  Everything is for sale, or nothing is, through the site.
Plan 2: I can pick and choose which galleries and albums can be purchased from, and which cannot.  (This is the option that I used to have)

Clearly, Option 2 is a better choice!  But Option 2 also costs more money, out of pocket.
I never made much from this site, so most of that money went to paying for Plan 2 instead of Plan 1.
So, I made the choice to drop down to Plan 1.  Since it's "everything can be bought, or nothing can be," and I'm not allowed to directly sell IHSA photos (or no media pass for me in the future), I removed the option to buy directly from the website.  

If you wish to purchase photos, contact me directly.  Let me know who, what event(s), and we can go from there.

Not easy, but it's the way it has to be for now.

December 2019

I've been fortunate enough to be given opportunities to shoot photos at my other passion in life aside from sports - music festivals and concerts!

However, due to contractual agreements, the bulk of the photos are not publicly available for now.
BUT: If you've been sent my way and would like a sample of some of the work, I have a private link I can send with some access to a growing portfolio - something I would be more than happy to do!

General Information

Policy Change: Moving forward, you need to contact me with any photos you wish to purchase.  Costs vary depending on what the event was, how many, individual vs. full gallery, and why you're buying.  Again, contact me directly using the icon on the sidebar.

Essentially, all photos that I have taken are now uploaded to the website, with some limitations.

A lot of photos - particularly TEAM SPECIFIC photos - will require a link to access that can only be given by me.  Click that contact button if you're interested in purchasing photos and let me know what you're looking for - I've gone through tens of thousands of photos, you haven't, and you don't want to.  I can be a time saver.  I will list, below, what HS events I do have photos of.

Wrestling Event Photography

*Please email with requests for access to any events listed below that are not publicly available*


-- IHSA Individual State Tournament (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019) *All are 3A heavy but 2017-2019 include 1A and 2A photos at a higher rate
-- IHSA Individual State Sectional Tournaments (2019 - Alton)
-- IHSA Individual State Regional Tournaments (2018 3A - Joliet, 2020 3A - Lockport)
-- IHSA Individual Dual Team State Sectional  (2019 - Lockport v. Plainfield South, 2018 - Lockport v. Minooka)
-- IHSA Dual Team State Tournament: 2017 (Lockport), 2018 (all classes, various teams/duals)
-- Lockport Township High School: Full Seasons (2015-16; 2016-17; 2017-18)
-- In-Season Folkstyle Competitions:
        Cheesehead (2016, 2017 Place Matches; 2018 "Whole Tournament")
        POWERade (2015 Finals, 2016 Finals), 
        Barrington (2017)
        Ironman 2017 (2017 - Day 2)
        Dvorak (2019 - Day 2)

NCAA Wrestling

-- Midlands (2019 - Day 2) - Note: Not up-close; did not have media credentials.


-- 2016 Cadet National Duals (All Freestyle, half of Greco)
-- 2016 USAW Nationals @ Fargo (Few Greco, Few but some Women, All Freestyle)
-- 2017 USAW Nationals @ Fargo (All styles; missed some IL athletes entirely as a result)


-- 2016 UWW Cadet/University World Team Trials
-- 2017 UWW Cadet/University World Team Trials
-- 2016 USAW Nationals @ Fargo (Not many non-Illinois, but a handful)
-- 2017 USAW Nationals @ Fargo (More non-Illinois than 2016!)


-- Illinois Freestyle State 2016
-- Central Regional 2016
-- 2016 UWW Cadet/University World Team Trials
-- Illinois Freestyle State 2017
-- Central Regional 2017
-- 2017 UWW Cadet World Team Trials

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