Sealy Concepts

Recent Updates/News

Things are slowly being updated.

Life has been crazy, so the time to finish edits has not been there.  Remember - full time job takes up a lot of time and energy.

Admittedly, motivation has not been there to edit as much during the free time.  Very drained of my energy for many reasons, so quite honestly, I choose to rest over stressing and editing.

It's frustrating to put the effort into editing so many things just to have them screenshot and posted with watermarks rather than actually bought.  It was different when I was working on behalf of a school .  Now that it's me on my own, the financial aspect is more important.  This website isn't free, let alone the camera, gear, hotels, etc.  May be time to call it quits . . .

If you have a request for shots from something that you'd like to purchase, let me know and I can go ahead and take care of those ASAP.

Otherwise, things will be posted when they're posted.