After a lot of time spent shooting at various concerts and festivals over the past 8 months, I get a bit of a break . . . kind of!

I have not missed an IHSA Individual Wrestling State Championship tournament since 2000, and I do not plan on breaking that streak this year.

Currently in the process of working towards credentials, which admittedly may be tougher given that I did not cover any athletics during this school year, to date.  Hopefully, my past years' worth of work will satisfy any requirements that I need for credentials.

And if worst comes to worst, then you'll still likely catch me down in Champaign, but only as a fan.  That said, I much prefer to spend my time matside.

Technical Notes:
Not all of my previous photos are on the new site yet.

I switched to a new host - one that will save me quite a bit of money - as I no longer have the need to sell photos directly via the website and moving to more standard contractual work.  This is a result of shooting more exclusive content for various artists/venues/festivals, and the fact that it is against the policies of the IHSA to sell photos from the state tournaments.

That said, moving the photos has been time consuming.  There is probably a faster, automated way of doing it, but I've yet to learn of one, so I'm moving galleries individually, when I have downtime.  It is a process - bear with me.